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Still working on it

But what I have completed so far is beautiful!!

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Five D wolf

They are awesome thank you very much . I injoyed doing them very much will be doing more soon again thank you .

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Christmas gift

Gave this to my 18 yr old niece for Christmas. Super excited about it

It is great so c far. Just started the picture.

Diamond Art

From the date I ordered December 4th and I date I received the product December 24 is ridiculous. Also, it came with a big crease in the middle of it.

Totally addicting

Everything came as advertised. Very simple to use. A lot of fun. I'm already 1/4 done! I would order again.

Lab dog with rose

I have done six paintings so far and have not had the problem that I'm having with this picture I'm going alone putting down diamonds and all of a sudden its filling part of the next heart so now all my rows are not straight and it's just a mess beads keep popping out cause there's not enough room for all the squares on the canvas

Complicated and will take time therefore perfect!

Christmas gift for my daughter to get her through the holidays and off her technology. Great design and lots of detail, can’t wait to see the finished piece

I purchased 4 art kits. They’re exactly what I expected, good quality with all the tools. My kids are enjoying working on them. Great selection and beautiful choices. Priced extremely well.

I haven't done it yet just got done with my other 2 and I'm sure l will love it.

It wasn't like the picture but it was still beautiful. I did it for a gift for my mother-in-law and she just loves it.

I had finished 2 of diamond paintings the first one had flowers on it w/butterfly that turned out beautiful. The 2nd one had a bear,dog,owl,and another little animal. I did a lot of changes. I changed the eyes on the bear,dog, and the little animal. The owl i redid. It didn't look like and owl
But i really enjoyed doing them. I have one more to do.

marilyn monroe

I got this for my brother who just love's to do this kind of art projects. This is his second one and he order the Elvis also they look great framed and under glass.

Dream Masked Beauty

I enjoyed doing my first 5d diamond painting so much. It was kind of addictive. I worked on it every evening.
I would recommend 5d diamond painting to everyone. The one I did is a masked beauty with green eyes. It turned out beautiful. I ordered 2 more one in solid blue and one in a purplish color. I can't wait to work on them.

So good!

This is such a fun project. I do wish there was an instruction manual that came with each picture.

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Looks awesome!

Haven’t started it yet, but I did check the painting, the diamonds seem very beautiful and as of now it looks all good. Can’t wait to start it, finishing another one before I start blue eye tiger!


Came in time for Christmas, well packed, daughter absolutely loves it

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